Holiday Poem

December 3, 2018

There are different types of people around the holidays

They start celebrating at different times and in different ways

The first type of person to celebrate

Begins in November, for starting in December is too late

They make sure to blast their holiday tunes

Or listen on the bus in the morning and in the afternoons

They decorate their house the day after Halloween

And make sure that to everyone this is seen

And the closer the holidays get to arriving

The more this person’s spirit is thriving

Some of their friends scoff at their premature spirit

But despite this haggling, this person will not hear it


The second celebrator starts on December 1st

For November is not the time for spirit to burst

But their spirit is strong for those 25 days

Often being caught in a Christmas haze

They plan what they’ll get for their family and friends

Well before the holiday season ends

They may start the day after Thanksgiving

But again, November is not the time for Christmas living

They seem to be the most common

Among Christmas celebrators, man and woman


The third and final celebrator doesn’t even think of the holidays

Until it is Christmas Eve, their shopping all delayed

They may gag at decorations out before Christmas week

But even on the day, their spirit is quite meek

They buy their Christmas presents up to Christmas Eve

However they may end up to be good gifts, and the recipients he deceives

All in all they end up celebrating the holiday on time

But invitations to festive events they may, in fact, decline.

It’s up to you which celebrator you truly wish to be

It all depends on who you connect with, one, two, or three?

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