2018 Cross Country Season

December 15, 2018


2018 Group 3 XC Girls Champions

Have you ever thought of joining the school’s Cross Country team? Cross Country is one of the most active and enjoyable sports which Colts Neck High School offers every fall season to all students. It is led by a great coach, Coach Schlentz, who makes people learn and actively perform in order to enhance their skills. It is an endless sport where you get the courage to train very efficiently throughout the course of the season. When you start training, at first, you will kind of find it hard. But, you will slowly learn and practice in order to shape the best version of yourself. If you keep practicing diligently and follow all the instructions given by the coach, you will go far and become a great runner.

Every runner who is part of the team runs in the meets where all the schools in the Shore Conference compete. They get to build their self-confidence, take up the challenge, and make history. Everyone works really hard in the meets based on how focused and productive they were during practices in order to achieve their goals. “Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done” is a great quote that sums up the season. These are the common parks where we run in their courses: Ocean County Park, Thompson Park, Bowdoin Park, and Holmdel Park. The distance for XC races is 3.1 miles for JV and Varsity. For Freshmen, it is 2.6 miles. The important strategy which is important to utilize in the meets is not to consume your energy at the beginning part of the race. Start pacing at .7 mile mark and run fast on the hills. If you do this, you will not elapse that much time at that part. In the last half mile, we start running hard and sprint faster as we reach the final 100 meters. Overall, this sums up for the best time which everyone can shoot for.

The Varsity Team has accomplished many awards this XC season of 2018. We are very grateful for everyone and proud of each running athlete for the remarkable effort they gave. The Colts Neck XC Varsity Boys did a lot of hard work and did incredible in the Central Jersey Group III Champs at Thompson Park which is a challenging and hilly park. That day, it was not very easy; the temperature was low 50s and very windy. The course was muddy. The most tremendous accomplishment in this season was that the Colts Neck XC Varsity Girls won the Group III State Champs at Holmdel Park. It was not easy to win; they had put a lot of effort and earned their award at last. That day, the temperature was even colder, in low 40s and it was extremely windy. The course was bit muddy. But, still our varsity girls kept their hope and their intentions came true. Colts Neck’s Cross Country is one of the best on the teams which is part of the Shore Conference.

The XC season of 2018 was a big success to each and everyone who participated in it. We all are very thankful to Coach Schlentz a lot. He has been coaching for the past 20 successful years at Colts Neck High School. He is the best, best, and best! We are so grateful to him for all the help, self-confidence, and courage he gave and motivated the right path to everyone in order to become the best of ourselves. Would anyone ever wish for such a great coach and team?


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