Praying for a Snow Day

February 2, 2019

We’re halfway through the school year

And there’s no end in sight

Spring break is so far away

To make it we’ll have to fight

There is a solution to this painful wait

One that happens by chance

If maybe, one day, snow could come down

For longer than just a glance

If the snow could stay for just long enough

For school to call the place closed

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll make it through

With a snow day by which no one is opposed

Some haven’t slept in in weeks

Due to sports or activities too

But all students alike are begging

For snow to finally break through

We get a few snow days to use

So why not use one soon

To give students and teachers a break

A chance to sleep till noon

Here we sit, doing homework

Up late, here we pray

That fluffy dust will sprinkle from the sky

We’re praying for a snow day

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