The Beauty of Seasons

March 6, 2019

I take a deep breath as I take in

the sweet crisp air.

The cool, brisk wind rattles

the fiery leaves,

Leaving the swaying tree trunks bare.


I take a deep breath as I sit by the

Warm, cracking fire.

As I look out I notice

white cotton balls of heaven lightly falling,

creating the winter wonderland

That I always admire.


I take a deep breath and hear

the wonderful chirping of songbirds.

Butterflies and bees fly freely from flower to flower,

As they play in the colorful orchard.


I take a deep breath while I bury my feet

further into the soft white sand.

The ripples of the ocean draw me in,

And the radiant sun warms my skin,

Leaving me with a sun-kissed tan.

The four seasons leave me smiling,

For they each have something special to offer.

Each and every one of them has its own individual beauty,

for they allow nature to prosper.

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