Short Story Contest Entry- “Sweet as a Darling, And Never Tart, Will you Eat My Candy Heart”

March 8, 2018

Eyes in the night

I gaze

Feelings ablaze

Mind in a haze


Heart Bursting


Bursting at the sight

Through a window

Bleating Beating

Orgasmically Pleading

For a scream of delight


I see Red

I feel Red

Paint Red

Like the Blood in my Veins

Clogging my Brain


Crocs Drained

Of life

Socks Wet

In the Sand

Your hand



On my Forehead

My Bony Fingers

Reaching Out

Waiting, to be Wed


BE Mine


The Candy Hearts Shriek

My Love

I’ll forever seek

If love is a battlefield

I’ll commit war crimes


Rose Tinted Glasses

In a cruel heartless world

Impersonal Impersonalities

Gilded in my brass

Flicked Reality


They Say it isn’t in your heart

They say it’s in your brain

But then why does it hurt so much

Hearing Her call out your name


Syncopated Minds

Two of a kind

Power couples shine

WIll you, Be Mine?




Grand Ol’ Times

In my imagination

You are happier

We are happier

Because you are mine


Just us

Not her

With her nasally Whine

Her Eyes like seaweed

Filled with Brine


She is a Mary Sue

But, I am for you


I don’t care if she ends up dead

Because when she is gone

I will not see red


And when she is gone

You will not feel blue

When she is gone

The fates will hold true


That when she is gone

Like days of sunshine

Yes, when she is gone

You Will be Mine.


The persistent voices

Raise their doubts

But in my mind

They hold no clout


I will act Soon

It will happen Any day

And on your life

I will be The Golden Ray


The freedom of no choice in a universe impertinent

The truth that we are not truly sentient

The culpable children of those resigned

But none of that will matter

Once Again we shall be blind

Only You will matter

If you will be mine


When you are mine

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