The Wedding Singer: Student Interview

March 22, 2018

Dates of the Show : March 16th, 17th, 23rd, and 24th


Interview with Tommy Kaiser:

Catie Anderson


Explain to me a little bit about ‘The Wedding Singer’.

The Wedding Singer is a stage adaptation from the famous movie with Adam Sandler. It’s about two people who are each in a love crisis and find each other at a wedding. They happen to be working at the same venue where the guy is the wedding singer and the girl is the waitress. As the story progresses, they fall in love and drift away from their current partners because they realize how special their love is.


Who are the main characters?

Robby and Julia: they’re the two who fall in love. There are also Linda and Glenn; Robby is marrying Linda, and Julia is marrying Glenn.


How have these past few weeks been with the show coming up?

As stressful as they have been, it has just been fun because we are one big family, and we are working through it together. We make it through the late nights because we love what we do.


Who are you playing in the musical?

I play Glenn Gulia in the show. He is an arrogant businessman who works on Wall Street and doesn’t care enough about Julia to keep her.


What is your favorite thing about the show?

I really love the music because it’s so upbeat. The choreography is amazing, and it’s very eighties like. The costumes and makeup also give off an eighties vibe, and it’s very cool.


How long have you been doing theater?

I’ve been doing it since third grade, so that’s about eight years.


How does the set look?

It looks great; our tech crew is amazing, and they’ve been working non stop.


Anything else to add?

We really hope people come out to see the show!! It’s not one to miss.

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