2017-2018 Staff

Elizabeth Whalen

Director of Polls and Quizzes

My name is Elizabeth Whalen. I am in the 11th grade and am the director of the polls and quizzes category. I play on the school’s field hockey team, I run track, and I love to sleep and eat food.

Megan Judge

Polls and Quizzes Creator

My name is Megan Judge. I am in 11th grade and create polls and quizzes for The Pawprint. I am on the school’s swim team, I love the beach, and I love to watch netflix.

Jack Chazotte

Student and Staff Interviewer

My name is Jack Chazotte. I am a junior and I write for the interview section. I run for the track team and this is my first year competing on the swim team. My favorite shows are The Office and Parks and Recreation. My goal f...

Nick Fischer

Director of Politics

Hello! I’m Nick, a junior in the Law and Public Service Learning Center. I write about current issues in politics and public policy. My interests include those topics, as well economics, history, philosophy, and theology. Outsi...

Gabby Nuzzolese

Student/Staff Interviewer

My name is Gabby Nuzzolese. I’m an 11th grader at Colts Neck High School and am in the interviewing category of the newspaper club. I play the piano and have competed at national competitions, I’m a dancer at Dance Attitudes...

Catie Anderson

Director of Student/Staff Interviews

I am a Junior at Colts High School, and I am on the board for Spread the News for Interviewing. My interests are running and writing. My favorite shows are Stranger Things and The Office. I have a dog named Wilson, and a guine...

Matt D'Eredita

Book/Movie Reviews Writer

I am a CNHS junior in the Law and Public Service Center. I love playing sports, especially baseball, as well as watching movies and TV shows on Netflix. My favorite show is The Office. I enjoy writing, and can’t wait to publish...

Audrey Litto


My name is Audrey Litto, I am a junior in LPS, and I enjoy photography. I love christmas, spending time with my family, and binge watching Friends. I also love to watch HGTV, and I am very interested in interior design. ...

Diana Gertsenshteyn

Politcal Writer

Hi, I’m Diana Gertsenshteyn, and I’m a sophomore at Colts Neck High School! I have a big interest in both creative and informative writing. Because I’m passionate about politics, I write for the political category. My favo...

Jacob Kochian

Director of Book/Movie Reviews

My name is Jacob Kochian and I am a junior in CNHS. I write in the Book/Movies review department. My favorite movie is The Incredibles and my favorite TV show is Game of Thrones. In my spare time I like to hang out with my f...

Rachel Lin

Director of Photography

I’m a CNHS junior in the LPS program, and I’m the Head of Photography! My favorite things to do include travelling, playing/listening to music, and watching tv shows, such as How I Met Your Mother and Stranger Things. I al...

Jared Katz

Director of Sports/School Events

Hi guys, I’m Jared and am glad to be writing for the Paw Print! I love running cross country and track and playing volleyball and am also a member of the finance club and of course the newspaper club. Hopefully I can do a great...

Christina Borao

Political/Pop Culture Writer

Hello, my name is Christina Borao, and I am a sophomore. As a writer I find interest in writing about politics and pop culture. I have always enjoyed being outdoors as well as skiing.

Rayce Ely

Political Writer

I am a 9th grader at CNHS. I enjoy writing in all aspects of life, most often I give up my phone and grab a pen or pencil and start to write. I like to cook and create different dishes people can try and enjoy. I travel for a sport...

Dayna Maloney


I am a Junior at CNHS in the Law and Public Service Center, and I am a Co-founder/ Co-editor of the Paw Print. Among my favorite things are creative writing, the television show Friends, the holiday season, and coffee. I love t...

Maddy Divino


I am a CNHS Junior, a co-editor and co-founder of Spread the News. In my spare time, I love to watch my favorite Netflix shows such as Scandal and The Office and play with my dog named Toostie. My favorite food is Mac-and c...