Human Nature

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Human Nature

Catherine Antonelli, Creative Writer

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I wake to a scream.

From a soft luscious slumber it

Thrusts me into the steam engine wherein

I see only a thick smoke, and my

Lamp cannot interrupt it,

But like God, obscures my sight by impressing

Light upon every painful singularity;

And all the vessels of my chamber He

Steals from the sanctity of secrecy,

And when in agony I arise the scream dies and He consumes me.

While I am wading in Heaven

He blesses me with a plot of property, and

Instructs me in a

Constitution of ciphers with

Which the engine

Runs along

Immaculately; and

Now He hurls

My heavy head

Into this

Bright metal vessel;

And as Natural Man,

I reproduce

Image and symbol;

Another and

Another and

Another in

The spirit’s weeping womb.

O Emblem, that Divine Representation —

O Symbol, O Image!

My eyes ponderous — no, I am wide awake, Father! — and

The corporal vessel withered in His light,

To the ticking of His brutal clock I breed in the blessed cubicle