A Look


It all started with a look.

I didn’t notice it at first,

The way you looked at me.

The realization was gradual.

That feeling.

The way my heart flutters,

Pounding, aching every time you look my way.

Your eyes are so light,

As if I can see right into your heart.

Now it’s stealing glances,

As if that will do much.

You consume my thoughts.

Every time I see you,

All I can think about is what if.

What if you were mine?

What if you held my hand,

Gently brushing your thumb against the back of my hand?

I can see it,

You looking into my eyes the way I look at yours.

Feeling the butterflies grow inside of you,

Everytime I come near.

But in the end,

It’s all just a dream,

A work of fiction made in my head.

I can’t seem to come closer,

Make my dream a reality.

So until then,

It remains a hope,

A trail of endless realities that you will never know.

It started with a look,

And it always seems to end with one.