Welcome Back!


Sophia Carlin

Welcome back cougars! As we enter the new school year, we are excited to be printing for The Paw Print once again to capture all of the events that make Colts Neck High School such a great community. We hope you had an amazing and relaxing summer. Though entering a new grade can be intimidating, The Paw Print is here to inform the student body on all happenings at the school and current events around the globe to keep reliable information readily accessible. 

Freshmen, don’t be afraid to reach out and join new clubs and activities- you have four amazing years of high school ahead of you! Sophomores and juniors, make sure to work hard, but embrace every experience of high school that you can. Seniors, enjoy every moment- as your high school career comes to an end, make sure it is a memorable and valuable era in your journey! The Paw Print looks forward to writing for Colts Neck in this new year of opportunity and education. Don’t hesitate to reach out to join our amazing family in documenting this year- contact Mrs. Hope for more information!