Halloween Movies


Lillian Kenny

The Witch, was filmed in 2015, directed by Robert Eggers. The film takes place in 1630, where a family of puritans are banished from their community, the family then needs to build a lonely farm to survive. The family speaks in very early English, which is sometimes hard to understand. This movie does not focus on jumpscares like many other horror films do; most of its scares come from gloomy shots of nature and terrifying yet soothing howls. The set was built just how it would have looked in real life during the time period. This movie is rated 6.8/10 on IMDb, 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, and an 83% on Metacritic. I rate this movie a 9/10. It is very well made, and the plot is very interesting.


Hocus Pocus is a halloween classic. It was filmed in 1993. The movie begins with a young man waking up and finding his sister missing. She went into the woods where three witches abducted her. After the child is found, the witches are lynched during a Salem Witch trial. Before they are lynched they make a promise to come alive once more when a virgin lights the black flamed candle. Hundreds of years later, someone does light the candle. The witches need children to live past dawn. It is up to two teenagers, a little girl, and a cat to save Halloween. The movie is rated 6.8/10 on IMDb, 33% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 94% of Google users enjoyed this movie. I personally love this movie. It was comedic and overall a good movie to get into the Halloween spirit!