DNA – The Fall Play


    As the brisk winds of cold slowly encroach upon Colts Neck, an annual tradition once again comes beckoning on our doorstep:The Cougar Theatre Company’s a Fall Play! This year the drama revolves around the Dennis Kelly play titled ‘DNA’ published in 2008. Originally a British  production, it has been adapted to fit the tastes of American audiences. It’s a tale of intrigue and danger set deep in the woods. The focus of the play is a murder which the protagonists seek to cover up. Come see teens grapple with the morality of their actions and stay for the commentary on the nature of humankind as a whole. This year’s production is headed by director, Ms. Robbins who oversaw the organization and direction of the play as a whole. Performance dates are Thursday November 21st at 7 PM, Friday November 22nd at 7 PM, and Saturday November 23rd at both 2 and 7 PM. Student tickets bought in advance cost $10.00 and can be purchased at https://cnhsnj.booktix.com/cart.php?action=show_pers&show_id=10&show_sec=6082c7451f05375c . For more updates on Drama and Crew at Colts Neck High School follow @cougartheatreco on Instagram.