Buy A T-shirt, Save An Animal~The Paws for A Cause Fundraiser


Ava Johnson

Many dogs and cats face the unfortunate circumstance of wasting away in high kill shelters if neglected by owners who are not suited to own pets or those who must surrender them. These shelters accept any animal, resulting in high numbers of euthanizations. A shelter is forced to euthanize an animal to protect the health and safety of other animals or because of overpopulation. The shelter must keep the stray dog or cat for at least seventy-two hours before euthanization; this is a small time frame in which a slight effort to save them takes place. These unwanted pets rarely receive love and care, however, with the assistance of many organizations and kind people, hope is shed into their lives. 

The Paws for a Cause club, here at Colts Neck, is holding a fundraiser to save these animals, one piece of apparel at a time. In collaboration with Fancloth, a merchandise company, Paws for a Cause released a multitude of different apparel, with either the Paws for A Cause logo or this year’s theme, “Life is better with a dog.” With a selection of t-shirts, hoodies, hats, leggings, sweatpants, and more in different colors and designs, there is an item available for everyone. For every item sold, four dollars is donated to saving these animals. When the 150 mark is reached, the donation is increased to six dollars per item, therefore, it is recommended to buy several cheaper products instead of a single expensive one. This is a great opportunity to buy gifts for the upcoming holidays; this animal-loving merchandise would make a cute gift for anyone of all ages. For those in the club, this is an opportunity to gain service hours, depending on the number of items one sells. To aid in this process as a consumer, insert the student’s name you were informed of this by (for example, my name, “Ava Johnson”), which would be greatly appreciated. 

The Paws for a Cause club is making an effort to save animals from euthanization and bring awareness to these cruel high kill shelters. If you are interested in rescuing animals, join the club and sell this merchandise; it does wonders! It is certainly worth it; these animals will thank you! There will be many more opportunities throughout the year as well, so be sure to join the club in protecting these innocent animals. 

If you are interested in buying this apparel, go to this link: Even a single purchase helps! Bonus points: Adopt a pet!