Winter & Holiday Poems


Ava Johnson

Winter’s Arrival

As the days grow shorter and the nights extend,

The weather gets colder and fall comes to an end.

The holidays stray closer as the days go on,

Leaving the warmth of summer completely gone. 

Animals have been preparing all year,

Blustery blizzards and snowstorms draw near.

The crisp air is filled with snow in a flurry,

To get gifts, mothers and fathers are in a hurry.

Children are zipping through the snow,

At friends, frostbitten snowballs they throw. 

Although they will miss the heat,

The holidays and a break are a treat. 

Snowflake Haiku

Catching on our tongues,

An ice crystal so dainty,

Each soft and unique.

Holidays Acrostic

Holly everywhere you turn

On a break, relaxing and recharging

Lifelong memories

Icicles forming on roofs

Days of playing in the snow

A time filled with happiness
Yearly celebration with joy and love
Spending time with loved ones