Interview With Our Very Own Cougar Mascot!


Lily Sandidge

What are three fun facts about yourself?

I’m funny, I’m fun, and I’m friendly!

What made you decide to try out for the Cougar mascot?

This is my last year, and I wanted to have fun. You know, make it memorable. 

What are some of your responsibilities as the Cougar mascot? Where do you go? What do you have to do?

I have to be here before everyone [at games]. I have to get here at eleven when the game starts at twelve. I have to be here with the cheer team and then I get ready. I have to make sure everybody is enjoying the game. I have to make sure it’s fun. I try to cheer people up, even though we lose. I still gotta be silly and make people laugh and put a smile on everybody’s face.

Do you go to games?

Yeah, I do.

Do you go to every game?

No, I missed one game. I’m supposed to go to all the home games. When there is a championship game, I have to go to it even if it’s away.

What is it like to stand in front of so many people with the athletes?

Um, well I don’t really know. Since I’m in the costume, I feel like it’s easier to be in the costume than not being in a costume and not covering my face. It’s easy, it’s not hard. I don’t really feel any pressure. You just have to be yourself and try to be silly.

What is your favorite part about being the Cougar mascot?

When we make points, like score or make a touchdown. I get to be as silly as I can, try to cheer the crowd up, and make everybody hyped.

What is your least favorite part about being the Cougar mascot?

When we lose, I have to act sad. I need to get on the floor and roll on the floor. But there’s really not part that I don’t really like about it. Like every part is just fun.

What is your most memorable moment so far?

The cheerleaders, they actually carried me. You see how they carry the cheerleaders?


They actually did that to me. They carried me! I was surprised! They actually carried me while I was in the costume! I will always remember that.

What traits do you have that make you a good representative of the students of Colts Neck High School?

I try to be very respectful to everyone. Even when someone is rude to me, I don’t try to be rude back. I just try to ignore them, or be nice back to them. I just leave the person alone. 

Any advice for future mascots?

Yeah, don’t regret it. Don’t regret it. Just try out, do it, and have fun. 

So you’re glad that you decided to do it?

Yes, I am.

Anything you want to say to the students of Colts Neck High School?

Come to all the games! Come cheer with the Cougars!