50 Reasons to Smile

Ava Johnson

  1. You have gotten through 100% of your worst day, proving you are strong.
  2. Smiling might make you feel happier. 
  3. Your smile can make someone’s entire day, plus smiling is contagious. 
  4. It increases your positivity and productivity throughout the day.
  5. Smiling reduces stress and blood pressure levels. 
  6. The world is beautiful, go outside to experience the wildlife around you. See how they interact and the pretty colors of different things.
  7. You are cared for and safe. 
  8. You have food, water, and shelter, which not everyone can say the same, so be grateful!
  9. Finally getting into bed after a long day and getting a great night’s sleep.
  10. Just the very existence of animals and seeing how they light up when someone is caring for and loving them.
  11. Simply waking up, many people take this for granted. 
  12. Frowning takes more muscles and effort.
  13. Smile because of every accomplishment of yours, even the smaller ones. 
  14. Seeing sunsets at the beach.
  15. Doing the things you love to do, no matter what others think. 
  16. Eating your favorite food of all.
  17. You are loved by somebody, even during times when it doesn’t feel like it, and of course, pets count.
  18. Any moment can be one of the best moments of your life, you never know.
  19. If there are people who are trying to bring you down, smiling can either change their minds or prove that they cannot do so. 
  20. You deserve to smile and deserve everything you have.
  21. At times, the world can be not so great, smiling can brighten it up.
  22. When a dog farts and then is confused as to what exactly happened.
  23. Giant pandas, gray wolves, and manatees are not endangered anymore!
  24. We are close to curing some diseases, maybe you’ll be the one to find a cure in the future.
  25. Watching your favorite show or movie.
  26. You can do anything you put your mind to.
  27. You are destined for something great, even though it may not seem like it right now.
  28. Things will get better with time, so hang in there.
  29. Smiling can improve your health by boosting your immune system.
  30. The feeling when you get an awesome play when playing your favorite sport.
  31. Cute babies smiling.
  32. Your future, whether you will have children, a spouse, buy the house or car of your dreams, or get your dream job. 
  33. Making new friends.
  34. Listening to your favorite music artist or song.
  35. The feeling of getting a good grade.
  36. Having a relaxing day after a stressful week.
  37. Hearing the sound of an ice cream truck nearby.
  38. Reading a good book.
  39. Learning new things.
  40. Having a good dream.
  41. Resolving a fight with someone.
  42. Sunny days!
  43. Letting go of things or people that hurt you.
  44. Seeing old friends and catching up with them.
  45. Jamming out in the car with friends.
  46. Catching snowflakes on your tongue. 
  47. Going to an amusement park.
  48. Overcoming your fears.
  49. Reaching your goals, whether it be academic or personal. Whether it be big or small, always treat yourself and be proud!
  50. Getting through another year, make 2020 your best. 


There are many more reasons to smile and be happy, so always smile, even when things are rough. Your smile can go a long way, for yourself and others. You will get through whatever it is you may be struggling with. Make 2020 a year full of love, good health, and happiness.