Giving Up Control

Jessica Messina

Control. We’re all so used to having it, that it’s like we can’t live without knowing what’s going on around us. We have the need to be aware of every detail of every minute of every day. But sometimes, you have to give up your control. 

Sometimes, life can throw you challenges, especially when it comes to the arts. In the theater, for example, there may be trials and tribulations, but you just have to accept that it’ll all be alright in the end. Currently, I am participating in Two River Theater’s A Little Shakespeare: The Twelfth Night. We are about a week and a half from tech rehearsals, which are rehearsals where lights and sounds and costumes are used to prepare for the play the following week. As of right now, out of the twenty-something odd songs, the band has one memorized and a few others learned. We haven’t rehearsed with our costumes quite yet, and there have been quite a few challenges along the way, such as balancing school and the production, as well as the standard SAT prep classes most high schoolers tend to take. Life is chaotic and at the moment I have no social life, but I have to trust that everything will be alright. 

Conclusively, the big takeaway here is that everything will be alright, and you don’t have to always be in control of your life. It’s ok to make mistakes and its okay to want control, but sometimes we can’t necessarily get what we want.