History of Valentine’s Day

History of Valentines Day

Saesha Rajput

Although to some, Valentine’s Day might seem like a cheesy holiday made up by Hallmark cards to make money, historically, that is not the case. Valentine’s Day, in fact, has a rich, romantic history based in Rome. 

It all started with Emperor Claudius II of Rome, who ruled from 268 A.D. to 270 A.D. The cruel emperor banned marriage in the city, as he thought unwed men made better soldiers. 

St.Valentine, however, thought this was completely unfair. He decided that he would break the rules set by the emperor and perform secret marriages between lovers anyways. 

He kept the ceremonies quiet, but despite this, he was eventually caught and killed on February 14 of 270 for defying the emperor. 

Right before he died, however, Valentine was rumored to have written the first-ever “valentine” to the daughter of his jailor, who he had fallen in love with. 

Many years later, in the fifth century, Pope Gelasius I declared the day of Valentine’s death, February 14, St.Valentine’s Day.

So next time someone makes a remark about how Valentine’s Day is pointless, surprise them with this little bit of knowledge about the Day of Lovers!