Parkland Shooting – 2 Years Later


Grace Gewirtz

The Parkland Shooting

On the 14th of February, romantic individuals invest in roses, chocolate, and stuffed bears to present to their significant others as a symbol for their profound affection. However, while the whole world is celebrating, the residents of Parkland Florida will be mourning the loss of seventeen beautiful souls who perished as a result of the mass shooting at the Stoneman Douglas High School. One of the deadliest school shootings in American history, the Parkland shooting occurred on February 14th at 2:21 p.m resulting in the casualties of fourteen young students, three staff, and seventeen others injured. The shooting has not only left a lasting impression on those directly affected, but has also inspired those in power to make changes with the hope of preventing future tragedies. As the two year anniversary rolls around, it is important to take some time and reflect on those whose lives were cut short from horrid event,

Remembering The Victims

Alyssa Alhadeff, Martin Duque Anguiano, Nicholas Dworet, Jaime Guttenberg, Luke Hoyer, Cara Loughran, Gina Montalto, Joaquin Oliver, Alaina Petty, Meadow Pollack, Helena Ramsay, Alex Schachter, Carmen Scheentrup, Peter Wang, Chris Hixon, Aaron Feis, and Scott Beigel all went to sleep the night of February thirteenth not knowing that it would be the last time they slept in their own beds. All seventeen victims were someone’s daughter, son, parent, or friend, and so when they lost their lives, their families lost an irreplaceable soul. All died too young, resulting in the loss of future doctors, navy seals, dancers, lawyers, politicians, and teachers. The seventeen individuals who lost their lives died as courageous and unforgettable heroes.

Teacher and Student Accounts

Ivy Schamis

A portion of Ivy Schamis’ reflection from the event. Schamis was a history teacher at Stoneman Douglas High School and was present during the gruesome affair. “The class and I waited for what felt like hours but must have been only minutes. I watched the door the whole time. It was locked, but the glass window above the doorknob had been shot out with an AR-15. Anyone could reach in, unlock it and enter. I waited for a hand to appear through the cracked glass, knowing that if I saw it, that was the end. While I waited, I made a deal with myself: I decided that if the gunman entered the room, I would stand up and say, “We love you.” I hoped, maybe, that saying those words would make it harder for him to shoot the kids after shooting me. After years of teaching about what to do when you face bullies, I wanted to practice what I’d preached. I didn’t want my last moment on earth to be filled with hate”(Schamis).

Eden Hebron

Eden Hebron was a freshmen at the Stoneman Douglas High School, and witnessed the shooting in cold blood. “Walking out of that classroom, emotions took over my mind. But my eyes were still looking at the dead bodies in my English room. My friends. Is this a dream? Did I really just see my friends die? What did I do to survive? Why were innocent souls taken from this world? Where are my parents? The next four hours were a blur. I still didn’t know if what I saw was real, or if my mind was playing some game with me. But I checked the news and looked at the ‘victims.’ Seeing Alyssa’s picture was heartbreaking. Seeing Alex’s picture was my memory seeing his body flipped over in his desk. Seeing Alaina’s picture was reality hitting me with ‘three kids in my class were killed” (Hebron).

Never Forget

The Parkland shooting was a devastating event, and one that shall never be forgotten for generations to come. The seventeen lives lost act as an inspiration for future lawmakers to implant stricter gun laws in order to prevent losing any more innocent lives. May the shooting at the Stoneman Douglas High School serve as a learning event in which the same mistakes will not be made twice. The anniversary of the Parkland shooting is a reminder to never take life for granted since it can change at any moment. Always appreciate friends and loved ones because life is an unpredictable roller coaster, one filled with unwanted twists and turns. So, this Valentine’s Day when preparing a romantic evening, remember those who were not fortunate enough to be here today.