Things to Do When Bored During Quarantine!


Ava Johnson

With this national lockdown in effect, life can be extremely boring with all this extra free time on your hands. Hopefully, this list of fun things to do will help you during this tough time!


  1. Clean out your closet/room! Throw out or donate things you don’t want or use. Having a cleaner environment will increase productivity. 
  2. Write in a journal! In a few years, it’ll be entertaining to read what past you was doing during quarantine and how you spent your time. Also, this is a great way to get out your feelings!
  3. Practice a sport! This is a great, fun way to pass time. Plus, you get to improve at something you love. 
  4. Pick up a new hobby! Whether it be baking or playing an instrument, starting a new hobby can spice up your life a little bit during this rather boring time. 
  5. Workout! Make sure you’re staying healthy during this quarantine. 
  6. Try new hairstyles and experiment with your hair!
  7. Plan new outfits! Once the quarantine is lifted, you’ll have awesome outfits to show off.
  8. Draw or color! This is a great thing to do when bored. Plus, it is calming to do.
  9. Read a book! Reading is a great form of entertainment. 
  10. Create new music playlists! Broaden your music taste. 
  11. Get some fresh air outside! This helps clear your mind. 
  12. Go tanning! While you’re outside, you could lay in the sun and prepare for summer. 
  13. Create a bucket list! There are tons of exhilarating things to do in your life, so write them down to remember them. 
  14. Reach out to a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a while!
  15. Try to learn a new language! Using the app Duolingo helps significantly. 
  16. Make a list of personal goals you want to accomplish in 2020!
  17. Have a Netflix or YouTube marathon! Watching videos, shows, or movies is an entertaining way to spend time. 
  18. Have a spa day! Use a face mask, take a bath, it’s up to you! Have fun with it!
  19. Give yourself a manicure and/or pedicure! Experiment with new colors, too!
  20. Have a family game night! It could be board games or video games!
  21. Make a wish list of things you want for your birthday or the next holiday!
  22. Bake some delicious treats!
  23. Write a poem or story! Use your imagination.
  24. Start a blog! It could be about anything that interests you.
  25. Take online quizzes! Test your knowledge, or find out what type of cheese you would be. 
  26. Clean out your photo albums! Doing this could bring back memories. Also, you free up some storage on your phone. 
  27. Listen to a podcast! There are many interesting free podcasts to listen to.  
  28. Do puzzles! A great way to challenge your mind. 
  29. Redecorate your room! Spice up your life.
  30. Spend time with your pet(s)! It has been proven that spending time with your furry (or scaley) friend could improve your healthy and overall quality of life. 
  31. Set aside a day for “spring cleaning!” Decluttering your living space will have a positive impact on your life!
  32. Have a photoshoot! Find a cool background and get to snapping pictures!
  33. Build a fort of blankets, cushions, and pillows!
  34. Let your sibling or parent do your makeup! This should be interesting…
  35. Cook a meal! You’ll even get to enjoy it afterward.
  36. Go online shopping! Go on Amazon or your favorite stores.
  37. Organize your emails!
  38. Start a YouTube channel! Have fun with it! Maybe your videos will go viral.
  39. Try to beat your score on games! 
  40. Make friendship bracelets to give to your friends when you see them again!
  41. Organize your makeup! Throw out expired items and clean your brushes.
  42. Organize your phone! Delete apps you don’t use and put the ones you use in folders.
  43. Make Pinterest boards for inspiration!
  44. Do yoga or meditate to clear your mind!
  45. Write a letter to your future self!
  46. Do whatever you’ve been putting off! (You know what it is)
  47. Try to fix your sleep schedule! This is important for your health. 
  48. Go on Club Penguin! You’ll definitely feel the nostalgia.
  49. Improve your flexibility! Learn how to do a split, too.
  50. Watch conspiracy theory videos! You may get slightly spooked out, though. 
  51. Keep up with school work!
  52. Spend time with your family!
  53. Learn the alphabet backwards! It’s a cool party trick. 
  54. Stay safe and healthy! Keep social distancing and everything will be back to normal in no time!