Two Planes Collide at Two Different Places!

Two Planes Collide at Two Different Places!

Venkar Vellanki

This past week, two planes collided at two different places. 


Location: Dubai International Airport (DXB)

Date of Event: April 13, 2020

Two planes collide at Dubai International Airport. One of the planes was a British Airways A350 and the other plane was an Emirates Boeing 777.

                             British Airways  / Airbus A350-1000 /  PC: Google                                       

Emirates / Boeing 777-300 / PC: Google

This incident was noticed by the Ground Crew. As, the Emirates Boeing 777-300 (Registration: A6-EBR, 13-year-old) aircraft was parked at the remote stand on the tarmac after it arrived from Riyadh (RUH), Saudi Arabia. 

Secondly, the British Airways A350-1000 (Registration: G-XWBA) was pushing back for its departure to London Heathrow (LHR). It was a scheduled flight (BAW106) to depart at 1:30 AM (Dubai local time) and arrive in London at 6:15 AM (London local time). 

During the incident, the left horizontal stabilizer was damaged when it under the left horizontal stabilizer of the Emirates Boeing 777-300. 


BAW106 bound for London, being collided with Emirates Boeing 777-300. Result in damage of A350’s left horizontal stabilizer. 

PC: @airline_kitty






Location: Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)  

Date of Event: April 16, 2020

Two planes collide at Hong Kong International Airport. Both the planes were from the same airline, Cathay Pacific, flag carrier of Hong Kong. But, they were of different aircraft types. One was the Airbus A350-1000 and the other one was the Boeing 777-300. They were part of the Wide-Body aircraft fleet.

 Cathay Pacific / Boeing 777-300 / PC: Google

                                Cathay Pacific / Boeing 777-300 / PC: Google         

This incident happened around midday (Hong Kong local time). The A350 (Registration: unknown, from FlightRadar24) was being towed to the Tarmac when it collided with the Boeing 777-300 (Registration: B-KPD).  

In the images below, you can identify the damages caused by both the aircrafts. The Airbus A350 suffered damage on the right-side winglet. On the other side, the Boeing 777 encountered the left horizontal stabilizer.          


                              Right Winglet of A350 got damaged                                 

PC: Travel Radar  

                       Left Horizontal Stabilizer of B777 got damaged / PC: Travel Radar   

According to a source, the airport Ground Controller received a call at 12:30 PM (local time) notifying them about the situation that actually happened on a taxiway. As a matter of fact, it is being used for storage due to the low demand of air travel caused by COVID-19.  

These incidents that took place at both the airports are due to over-storage of planes at the airport. Currently, there is low demand for air travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many airlines have numerous aircrafts in their fleet. It is really difficult for them to store them at the airports due to the lack of area. Planes are being parked on taxiways and runways. So, it is really hard for a plane to move out. Hence, it collides with another plane.