Football Game- October 3rd


Abigail Gilder

The coronavirus has greatly impacted all of our lives. Fortunately for us, a large majority of us don’t have to play football for two hours in scorching heat. On October 3rd, 2020, the Colts Neck High School football team played for two hours straight against Marlboro High School. It was an easy game; they won 28-0 in a difficult match for Marlboro. The team communicated well and got four touchdowns with field goals. 

In addition, they managed to do all of this without accidentally hitting the band playing on the sidelines. While the band would normally be in the stands, playing and cheering on the football team, now they are spaced out six feet apart from each other on flimsy fold out chairs, right next to the football field. With the highly contagious coronavirus, it will be a while before they return to their home in the stands. Not only did the football team perform really well, but they managed to do so in a way that avoided injury for the students on the sidelines, which is commendable!

Ever since the virus hit, everyone has been wearing masks to stay safe. The football team was also wearing masks, while running in extreme heat, yet still managed to win their game. On behalf of all of us at Colts Neck High School, good job football team, and let’s go Cougars!