Halloween Costume Ideas


Saesha Rajput

Since we have entered quarantine in March, everyone has a lot more time on their hands. With this time, some people have been baking, some have been cooking, some have been drawing. Personally, with my time, I’ve been trying new DIY’s, or Do It Yourself activities that have, within the last few years, gained an immense amount of popularity on the internet. For the Halloween season, I decided I wanted to try some Halloween costume DIY’s, and I thought I’d share some of the best ones I found online! So here are five of the best DIY Halloween Costumes:

  1. The Purge

This costume is classic and for a reason. All you need is a little makeup skill and you can recreate the iconic makeup look featured in the purge. For your outfit, a blank tank top and black shorts with any white piece on top is all you need, finish it off with black boots and you’re good to go!

  1. A witch/Wizard

This is another timeless costume, and super easy too! All you need is a cute black dress or black shirt and jeans and black shoes paired with a witch/wizard hat and you’re set!

  1. Wednesday Addams

The iconic look of Wednesday Addams, from the Addams family, can be recreated very easily. All you need is a white collared shirt layered with a loose black dress, white socks, and black flats. Don’t forget the classic braids she always sports and you’re ready for some quarantine fun! 

  1. A farmer

This is another super easy Halloween costume that most people do not tend to think of. For this, all you need is to pair any gingham you have with a pair of denim jeans or overalls and boots. That’s all you need for this super simple costume!

  1. An egg

For this super easy Halloween costume, all you need is a white T-shirt and some yellow construction paper. Cut out a circle in the yellow construction paper and tape/glue it onto the shirt, and you become a human egg! Pair with any bottoms and any shoes, you’re good to go.


I hope these DIY Halloween costumes gave everyone some inspiration to have some fun on this Halloween, even with social distancing and masks!