Online School


Ava Cammarata

Online school—some love it, others hate it. No matter what your opinion is on it, we can all agree that it has both positive and negative effects. Each person experiences these effects differently. For example, one of your classmates has stated that “online school has positively impacted me. It has given me more time to socialize with friends. The workload is also less so it feels like I am being eased into high school. I have more time to hang out with friends and more people.” This person has experienced more of the positive side of online school than the negative.

On the opposite side, many other classmates have said that they are “lonely, but with more sleep.” Online school has given students the opportunity to catch up on their sleep, which can lead to better performance in school and daily life. Many students are not honest with their work, so this extra sleep is going to waste. Also, virtual learning has impacted many students’ mental health around the world. Because most students are lacking social interactions, they are feeling more alone than ever. 

Students are also experiencing a difficult time connecting with their teachers. Students do not get to bond with their teachers and get to know them as a person, and not just a teacher. School now does not feel as personal as it once did, and assignments are just being handed out. Help is also hard to get because of technology issues. Some students are afraid to ask questions, and if they decide to send an email, the teacher may not respond.

 Virtual learning is especially challenging for freshmen because they have not experienced high school yet. Beginning high school can be a big challenge normally, but take it on virtual is an even bigger challenge. Freshmen also only know a few people, and it is challenging to make friends with people that you have never met in person and are only seeing over a computer screen.

This form of learning also has some negative physical effects. Some students are experiencing back pain, eye pain, and headaches. Although it is very convenient to just roll out of bed and go to school, it can be very difficult and lead to mental and physical pain. Many students experience this form of school differently, but we can all agree that it has its positive and negative effects on all.