Clothing During Covid


Jordan Gere

Flannels, boots, sweaters, and jeans are typical clothing choices when it comes to fall attire. However, Covid has completely changed this. People are working and doing school from home. Parties are not happening and hangouts are limited to only a few close friends. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, and sneakers have now become the standard everyday uniform. People and students are now choosing comfort over looks.

Most online students opt for staying in their pajamas. They wake up 5 minutes before class and sometimes even join while they’re still in bed. The camera faces up and only shows their face, but during glimpses of doing work or moving you can notice the flannel pajama pants. The hybrid kids however have the usual ratio of most kids dressed in sweatpants or a sweatshirt and the few kids who wear pajamas. Pre Covid most kids wore sweats daily however, jeans were still a popular everyday choice for pants. Post-Covid though, seeing a student wearing jeans has become a rare sight.

Adults can even be spotted going to the mall or out to dinner dressing down. People are no longer going to work so they have no reason to get ready. They have chosen to stay in their comfy clothes to run errands. Getting ready for the day is very important and can help set up a person’s mindset for the day. Not getting dressed and ready can lead to laziness and feeling unproductive. It is no secret that Coronavirus and the overall mass of people staying in has caused an increase in depression and other negative mental health concerns. The general decreasing mental health can be seen through the societal shift in outfit choice. It is important for people to get ready for the day, put on a nice outfit, and get out of their house. Even something as simple as putting on a nice shirt and doing your hair can really help boost your spirit in this time of uncertainty.