Interview with CNHS Alumna

Interview with CNHS Alumna

Jami Van Orden

I interviewed Kaitlyn Pierce, who graduated from Colts Neck in 2019. I asked her a few questions about her time at CNHS, and how her CNHS has impacted her life.


What was your most memorable moment at CNHS?

My most memorable moment at CNHS was Senior Switch Day when two other seniors on the

varsity softball team and I dressed up as our coach Mrs. Ashe. We spent the day hanging out in

her classes and posing as Mrs. Ashe. It was easily one of my favorite days at CNHS.


How did CNHS get you to where you are now?

CNHS introduced me to a wide range of subjects that allowed me to experiment with potential career paths. Similarly, the teachers were all passionate about their courses and teaching their students, which made all the difference in my four years.


What was your favorite thing at CNHS?

My favorite thing at CNHS was playing “Jansen Jeopardy” in Mr. Jansen’s sophomore US

History class. This was a fun way that our class prepared for upcoming tests, with Jeopardy

categories based on history chapters, popular culture, and even Mr. Jansen’s current music



How did the atmosphere at CNHS shape you into the person you are now?

As a student in the LPS Magnet Program, most of my classes took a deep dive into the

government, US history, and politics. This further shaped my education and awareness of various topics that are incredibly relevant in today’s society. The LPS teachers also created open environments in their classes, where students could share and discuss their opinions and

perspectives without judgment.


What teacher made the biggest impact on you?

Mr. Parks undoubtedly made the most significant impact on me during my years at CNHS. We spent a lot of time together planning the yearbook, as he was the advisor, and I was the editor-in-chief, so I got to know him as more than “my AP Calculus Teacher.” Mr. Parks was kind, funny, and passionate about what he taught, and he is why I enjoy math so much. Thank you for being you, Mr. Parks!