Winter Themed Journal/Creative Writing Prompts:


Jessica Messina

During this time period, it can be difficult to find writing inspiration. With winter starting, here are some prompts to help you spark your creativity!


  1. Write about a holiday tradition and what makes it special.
  2. Write a poem about snow. How does it feel, what does it look like, what does it make you feel?
  3. Write about a holiday decoration. This can be an ornament, a menorah, or anything that inspires you.
  4. Write about a snowman. What does the snowman look like? What does the snowman do?
  5. Finish the sentence and continue with a story: She walked out of her house, the brisk air hitting her face, and…
  6. Write about a family baking holiday treats together. What are they making? What is the dynamic between the family members? How many people are in the family?
  7. Write a story about Santa deciding he no longer wants to deliver toys to children. Why did Santa make this decision? What is the fallout of Santa’s actions?
  8. Write a story about the Elf on the Shelf and the Mensch on a Bench meeting. How did they meet? What is their interaction like? 
  9. Write about a winter holiday you personally don’t celebrate. Detail the traditions, the meaning behind the holiday, and any facts you think are important. 
  10. Write about carolling gone wrong. What happened? Why did it go wrong?