Mock Trial – CNHS v. Allied


Abigail Gilder

In a riveting round of Mock Trial, the teams belong to Colts Neck High School and the Academy of Allied and Health Science competed for the final night of round 1 eliminations. Historically, the schools are each other’s two biggest competitors, so it was no surprise that the point tools were quite close. Overall, the two teams ended in a tie. If this competition were based on the law, the judge, Mr. Steven Nelson, said he would have proclaimed the team of Academy of Allied and Health Sciences to be victorious. However, in this particular competition, the competition is based not on the law, but on the application of specific concepts pertaining to the law. It was for this reason htat Colts Neck High School’s own mock trial teams emerged victorious in this competitive rivalry for the time being.

Additionally, some honorable mentions are as follows: 


Sophia Carlin: This first-time attorney was absolutely brutal in  her cross-examination of the defense’s witnesses. She made multiple objections, some of which she won. Her opening statement was attention-grabbing, and her direct examinations were flawless. Good job, Sophia. 


Zerrin Dulger: This second-time competing attorney was terrifying in the perspective of a witness on the opposition. She won all of her cross-examinations with ease, perfected her direct-examinations, and made sure her closing statement was perfect. She got the final word in this trial and despite having a difficult judge, she managed to make each word perfect. Good job, Zerrin. 


Matthew Buneta: Matthew Buneta, playing Eli Adam, perfect his characterization of the role. In  any given mock trial, each witness is given a written statement pertaining to their character. The role is entirely the witness’s own to personalize, and Matthew, tasked with the role of an eccentric wealthy pacifist avoiding charges of simple assault portrayed this role perfectly. Good job, Matt. 


Ethan Valliath: Ethan Vallaith, playing Kai Cruz, was tasked with playing the role of best friend to Eli Adam, professor at a university, and an avid entomologist. He portrayed his role perfectly, and was not only flawless on direct examination, but responded with ease on cross-examination as well. Good job, Ethan.