Positivity in 2021!


Abigail Gilder

While the dreaded year of 2020 may be over, this pandemic isn’t. To cheer everyone up in the dark times of isolation and quarantining, here are some wholesome stories to warm your hearts in this chilly winter season! 


After the coronavirus pandemic cancelled a young girl’s bat mitzvah, she decided to package all of the extra food into meals for the homeless in her city. 


A bride donated flowers from her postponed March wedding to a nursing home to brighten the elderlys’ days. 


A couple downsized their wedding and got married at home, and all of their neighbors gathered from the supports of their windows to celebrate! 


Cincinnati’s Sewer District saved Snowball, the lost pet guinea pig. 


Animal shelters have been emptying out more and more in light of the pandemic–who doesn’t love a furry friend! 


While modern times may be sad and scary, there is still some hope and light to bring to this world, beginning with each of us. 


So, as members of one big community, let’s help bring the New Year to a positive and happy start together. Happy New Year!