Interview with Cole Tucker


Sam Nubile

How did you get into Track and Field, and more specifically, how did you get into throwing?

I started throwing in 8th grade just because some of my friends were doing it and I thought it sounded fun. I continued it casually into the start of high school and after my freshman season ended, I couldn’t get enough, I realized I didn’t want to stop practicing so I got my own shot put, and discus, and threw whenever I had the chance. That’s when I started taking it seriously.

If you could describe your passion for track and field / throwing in three words, what would they be?

Optimistic, dedicated, and intense.

Can you speak to the importance of consistency, dedication, and commitment in the work that you do? How important are these qualities to you?

Despite the pandemic, I’ve continued to dedicate my time to throwing. Throughout my years in high school, I’ve worked hard to improve my physical shape and my mental state. Practicing consistently can be mentally taxing, but at the end of the day, I am committed to becoming the best. I know if I want to achieve my goals I have to dedicate my time every day of every week working hard. To me being consistent will improve your technique, being dedicated will motivate you to become the best, and being committed will inspire you to reach your goals.

Provided that we have a full spring season, what are your overall goals in terms of throwing shot?

If there were to be a full season including Nationals, my goal would be to become an All-American. By the end of the year I hope to be pushing 70ft.

With the recent news of Coach Lykes leaving Colts Neck to be with his family, can you briefly speak on the impact he has had on your success?

Coach Lykes always focused on the small details whether it was in the weight room, or in the circle. Every day at practice we would work to perfect my form. He emphasized the importance of the small things. We never skipped over the little things like band circuits, plyos, or even hill sprints during the winter season. My throws have improved greatly with his coaching over the years. I am thankful that he was my coach these past three seasons.

What will you miss most about Colts Neck High School? Further, what do you hope to accomplish at Boston University?

What I’ll miss about Colts Neck the most is my teammates. I’ve made many memories these past years and hope to do the same at BU. My best memories would be just from ordinary practices when we would joke around and just enjoy our time together as teammates. At BU I hope to instantly become a contributor on the team, competing for the top spot at the patriot league finals and eventually reach the top of the NCAA and compete for national championships.

Lastly, is there a favorite quote or statement that you would like to share with the audience? Perhaps, something that you find inspirational?

“In order to be successful you have to be willing at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you will become.”