New Girl


Jordan Gere

What is the best thing for a girl to do after a tough breakup? Move into an apartment with three guys? Well, that’s what Jess did in the hit TV series New Girl. The cast of New Girl includes Jess who is a teacher and moves in with the guys after she finds out her boyfriend was cheating on her. Her childhood best friend Cece is a model who loves to give Jess advice on dating. However, Cece does not live in the apartment despite her on-off relationship with one of the guys. The three guy roommates are Schmidt, Nick, and Winston. Schmidt is obsessed with his ego and constantly trying to be invited to A-list events. Nick is a sarcastic and grounded bartender who dropped out of law school. Winston is a basketball player who comes back to the US after a career-ending injury, when he comes back he struggles to find a job and assimilate into his new life. The dynamic between Jess and the boys is very entertaining making the show a huge hit.

The main relationship highlighted in the series is between roommates Jess and Nick. Jess and Nick start as friends and grow feelings for each other over time. When they finally admit feelings for each other things get complicated and they decide it’s best to just be friends. However, that’s not what either of them truly wants. This leads to a very complicated on and off relationship that lasts all seven seasons. Another complicated relationship is between Cece and Schmidt. Schmidt had a crush on Cece since he first met her, mostly because she is a model. The connection between these characters makes the show very entertaining! 

New Girl is a must watch series if you have not seen it already. It is a classic sitcom that is available to watch on Netflix.