Best Activities for a Snow Day


Ava Cammarata

The FRHSD has called for Monday, February 1st to be a snow day. Most students are excited about this because it gives them more time to rest. Some may not be as excited because they do not know what to do on this day off. Students may take this time to sleep in, or maybe even catch up on work. Snow days are a great way for teenagers to have mental health days or even just days to relax. Personally, I believe that this snow day will be a great extension to the weekend and will give kids time to have fun. 

If one is looking for some ways to have fun outside they can have a snowball fight, make a snowman, make a snow angel, or go sledding. They may also want to try making a snow fort. These activities may bring back some childhood nostalgia, which is always fun to experience. Individuals should definitely try and get fresh air, seeing as we have all been inside for a large amount of time lately. If kids are looking to be helpful, they can shovel driveways or clean snow off of cars. If they are looking for extra money, they can also go shovel their neighbor’s driveway. These activities guarantee for time to pass a little bit faster and to have fun doing it.

Some people do not enjoy the outdoors. Some fun indoor activities include watching movies, making hot chocolate, puzzles, making mug cakes, playing a board game, reading a book, or even catching up on school work. Some of these activities may not be the most enjoyable, but they allow for one to pass time and be productive. Also, most of these activities are extremely relaxing. Snow days also offer some extra time to spend with family. Watching movies and playing board games is a great way to relax and spend time with family. 

Overall, there are many different activities that people can take part in to help them stay busy and not get too bored. No matter if one enjoys the snow or not, all can agree that snow days are definitely a great opportunity to relax and catch up on missing work.