CNHS Mock Trial


Abigail Gilder

Beginning in January, our very own Colts Neck High School Mock Trial team has been undefeatable. They have not lost a single trial yet, and have won not one, but two rounds in regionals! Next, they are off to compete in Regionals: the Finals, on February 23rd. 


A little bit about each member of the team: 

Sophia Carlin:

Sophia is a senior. She is fantastic in her role and will certainly be missed by the team next year. She has a bright future ahead of her! 


Ethan Valliath: 

Ethan is a senior. He contributes ideas of intelligence and is a great asset to the team. He and his ideas will be missed next year–he certainly has a successful future. 


Matthew Buneta:
Matt is a senior. His acting skills are an amazing attribute to the team, and he will be missed next year. A future in acting awaits him! 


Megan Smith: 

Megan is a senior. She is intelligent and kind, and will be missed by all next year. She will go far in her future. 


Cassandra Dalton: 

Cassandra is a junior. Her skills on the team are incredible, and she will help the team go far. 


Zerrin Dulger:
Zerrin is a junior. She is an intelligent, convincing actress and will allow the team to prosper. 


Avery Engel:

Avery is a junior. She is an amazing public speaker and is a convincing actress. She will be a catalyst for the success of our team. 


Abigail Gilder:
Abby is a sophomore. She is a convincing actress and will be a helpful asset to the team in the coming years. 


Robert Maravelias:
Rob is a freshman. He is a fantastic actor and will be the cause for success within the next few years. 


Sawyer Chang:
Sawyer is a freshman. He is diligent and fair, and is a good asset to have on the team. He will be helpful in causing the success of the team. 


Jeffrey Karpelson:
Jeff is a freshman. He is an intelligent actor and will cause the team many successes in the future. 


We wish them luck in their upcoming trials! Let’s go, Cougars!