Valentine’s Day Poll

Jami Van Orden

February 14th marks the day that for some people, is the best holiday ever, and for others is just a normal day. I sent out a survey that was completed anonymously by 34 people with questions related to the celebration of Valentine’s Day, and how they feel about the holiday.


Question 1: 

Do you look forward to the celebration of Valentine’s day?

Yes: 44.1 %

No: 55.9 %


Question 2:

Is Valentine’s day your favorite holiday?

Yes: 5.8 %

No: 94.2 %


Question 3:

What is your favorite thing about Valentine’s day?

Spending time with my SO: 11.7 %

Eating Candy/Chocolate: 73.6 %

Spending time with family: 14.7 %


Question 4:

Do you think people spend too much money on Valentine’s day?

Yes: 38.2 %

No: 62.8 %


Question 5:

Do you think Valentine’s day makes more people feel lonelier than people it makes feel happy?

Yes: 23.5 %

No: 76.5 %