Interview with Oprah reveals dark truth behind Royal Family

Interview with Oprah reveals dark truth behind Royal Family

Emma Diroff

In a shocking and revealing interview on Oprah, Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry discussed some of the issues they faced during their time living at the palace. Meghan talked with Oprah about what different micro-aggressions were used against her, such as the Royal Family worrying about how “dark” their baby would be and the different feelings she experienced, such as her struggles with mental health and thoughts of suicide. 

Meghan has “hinted before that her mental health suffered during her stint as a senior royal, but during her interview with Winfrey she spoke for the first time about how severe the experience had been,” according to CNN. Living her life under a magnifying glass held by the British public has been a toxic environment to her.

 Different magazines were continuously making hurtful and false claims about her to turn a profit. This caused a domino effect, leading to some public being openly racist since Meghan is a woman of color. While most of the hatred towards her was because of British society’s racism, rumors about her “past life” from her father added gas to a flame. The claims made by these tabloids also remained unchecked by the Royal Family, leaving her vulnerable and isolated from an entire county. On top of that, the Royal Family allegedly has been extremely unsupportive with her mental health struggles, especially during her pregnancy. The depression his wife was facing had led Harry to suffer a similar fate. 

The most shocking and infamous part of this interview was that a genuine concern to the Royal family was how “dark” Meghan and Harry’s baby would end up being, which shocked not only Oprah and most of the world. The family member remained unnamed, but the media has been on a wild goose chase trying to track down the person who said that to Harry. This story has been one of the many racist allegations the family has faced, including the Queen’s denial of the family’s support of the Black slave trade to the silence of most family members following George Floyd’s death, an innocent black man. 

While this interview wasn’t able to give us the full story of what horrors this couple faced, it has made significant strides to crack down on the facade that the family has spent centuries trying to create.