COVID-19 and High School Sports


Grace Gewirtz

Ever since the wrath of COVID shut down the entire world, millions of businesses have closed, schools disabled in-person learning and enacted both capacity limits as well as mask mandates throughout the state. While high school sports are not a matter of priority to many, they are a vital aspect of many student’s high school careers, allowing students to thrive in an environment that promotes leadership, teamwork, and discipline. Not only do these sports act as an outlet for students, but they also provide career opportunities and pure entertainment for all who participate. While the state has had various limitations for reopening high school sports, each district has taken the reigns and adapted its policies along with the state guidelines. 


The Freehold Regional High School district has taken the procedures necessary to keep players, coaches, and spectators safe while ensuring that all students have the opportunity to pursue their passions. While outdoor sports such as football, field hockey, cross country, and track were pursued in the fall season as per usual with spectator restrictions and mask mandates, girls’ volleyball and gymnastics were pushed to an in-between season between winter sports and spring sports. Additionally, boys’ wrestling has also been pushed to occur in this between-season to ensure that there was gym space available for all teams during the winter season. 


The precautions taken by the Freehold Regional High School District and pursued by Colts Neck administration including our very own SECA, Mr. Zwirz are as follows. During practices and games, all participants should make an effort to keep masks on at all times, while maintaining social distancing orders of 6 feet as much as possible. While games are more complicated, all games can be live-streamed through youtube and certain streaming websites for all who are interested. In-person spectators are limited to two guardians per athlete, with temperature screening and sign-in charts at the door. Athletes are also required to fill out a COVID symptom check-list and get their temperature taken at the door before both games and practices. While other districts may have different guidelines, all teams throughout the state have committed to following the CDC guidelines as intently as possible to ensure the safety of all.


Spring sports including boys volleyball, lacrosse, softball, baseball, boys tennis, golf, and spring track/field are set to kick off on April first, in which these same guidelines will be executed. Be sure to stay tuned to watch the live-streamed events as the Cougars have a great sports season to come! The athletic department has made a tremendous effort to allow students to participate in sports during this complicated time, and these efforts have not gone unnoticed. The students thank you for your patience and dedication to keeping us safe while having a great year of athletic endeavors!