50 Days Left

Makayla Joffe

So there are less than 50 days left of school. I never expected a school year to fly by as fast as it did. When we started back in September the options for in person vs remote were so odd to us all. This being my freshman year at CNHS, I expected to actually go to school every day, meet new people, join clubs, and experience high school. But if the COVID pandemic has taught me anything this year is to expect the unexpected, be ready for change at a moment’s notice and learn how to go to school in the new normal. The school year has been anything but normal.

In the beginning, every student was virtual. I have to admit I enjoyed being home for a few months, but I was then eager to come into school. Then in October, the hybrid option was available. Obviously, I took that opportunity. In-person school has been much easier than virtual in my opinion. There are less distractions, making it easier to pay attention in class. I was able to socialize for a few days a week and then still be at home lounging and doing classes. Then in January, the 5 days a week option came into place. I was now able to go to school and feel normal again. I saw some of my friends that were in the opposite part of the alphabet. Despite the masks and social distancing, it’s been good. 

Less than 50 days to the end of my freshman year, that was quick. I hear all the time the years fly by, I have hope that when we all come back in the fall some normalcy will have returned. I do hope they keep the half days, that has been great. We obviously can learn the same amount of information in half the time.