Junior Prom


Sophie Divino

There have been many question marks in the air about this event since the beginning of the school year. Before there were questions about when and where, the first question that had to be answered was if there was even going to be a junior prom. 

As of a few months ago, May 14th was the confirmed date for junior prom 2021. Of course I was happy, but I did not think that it was a big deal at the time. However, as the months have passed, AP tests, SATs, college searches, regular coursework, and sports have started to bring me to a level of stress that I didn’t think could be reached. I am currently in what I consider “the worst month of my life,” which is definitely dramatic, but I know that many other juniors have classified this month in the same way. Now, with prom only a month away, it is the reward that every junior needs for the amount of stress that they are going through. At least for me, it is something that keeps me excited enough to keep pushing through.

As far as some logistics, junior prom will be held at Forsgate Country Club in Monroe, about 20 minutes from the high school,  from 7-10pm. The event is going to be all outside unlike prior years, with some tables inside in case some people want to go in for a little “break.”  There is going to be a large outdoor tent with many decorations, especially beneficial in the event that it rains. Within the tent there are going to be  two to three lounge areas for people to relax. The theme is going to be “an evening under the stars,” and for the first time, it actually will be. The event is also different in that there is no formal seating and no formal sit down time to eat. Food will be served from 7-9pm, and it is all cocktail style food stations. One of the stations is a “mashed potato bar” and another is a “slider station.” Dessert will be served at 10pm. This year there is no bussing, but I do not think this is a huge negative because it just means that you can carpool with your friends. 

Unfortunately, masks must be worn at all times, but at least not while you’re eating. While this may be a downside, some students have been creative with their mask selection: for the girls that need to hem their dresses, some of them have decided to use the dress material to construct it into masks. If people are not doing that, then they are choosing  to  buy formal and pretty masks online so that they won’t have to wear their everyday surgical or cotton masks. Masks have ultimately become a new accessory piece in fashion. 

If there are any further questions, be sure  to visit the prom website: https://sites.google.com/frhsd.com/cnhs2022/home. On this site you are able to ask questions under the “Details” section. The necessary forms that need to be completed are also on the website, along with information about the actual event. 

Again, I truly never thought that I was going to be this person who was all  excited for prom, and I even used to slightly judge those tv shows and movies who held prom to such a high regard. But, here I am, writing an entire newspaper article all about it. It also just makes me excited knowing that other people are excited. The subject comes up on a daily occurrence, as everyone begins to plan pre-prom, after-prom, what dresses they are going to wear, whether to wear tuxedos or suits, and who they are going to take (if anyone). However, I think the true reason why this year for prom feels especially special compared to any other year is because the juniors have not seen each other in over a year. Of course, we see a select number of people in our classes and outside of school, but it is insane to think that we are all going to be in the same environment again. Everyone is so excited to catch up with each other and just have fun being in each other’s presence. May 14th is going to be a great day.