Pony by Rex Orange County


Makayla Joffe

Alex O’Connor, also known as Rex Orange County, is a British music artist who specializes in alternative/indie music. He released his first major-label album, and third studio album, Pony, on October 25th, 2019. Pony is described as “a bright blend of hip-hop, jazz, and bedroom pop” by NPR Music journalist Zoë Jones. Rex Orange County is known for his hit songs Best Friend, Loving is Easy, and Sunflower, which has been widely popular amongst teens in the past few years. 

However, this album has released new songs that have made the list. Hit songs such as 10/10 and Pluto Projector are new fan favorites. Rex Orange County sings about self-improvement and striving to be a “10” in the song 10/10. The lyrics, “I had a year that nearly sent me off the edge / I feel like a five, I can’t pretend / But if I get my s**t together this year / Maybe I’ll be a ten,” communicates Rex’s feelings of a creative block over the years, and how he is aspiring to put his energy into songwriting. The 7th track on the album, Pluto Projector, expressed Rex’s stress throughout the years by going from a 17-year-old making music, to an international star performing in front of massive audiences. The lyrics, “I’m still a boy inside my thoughts / Am I meant to understand my faults?” demonstrate how he was forced to grow up quickly and that it’s difficult for him to reflect on the changes in his life. This song is more meaningful than some of the others but is still a song that is enjoyable to listen to. 

One of the more underrated songs of the album is called Face to Face. This song is very catchy and fun to listen to. According to Rex, “This song is about being away from home, feeling trapped in an undesirable situation and finding it difficult to trust people.” The song talks about how he had to facetime his girlfriend instead of seeing her “face-to-face” and the difficulties of a long-distance relationship. Even though the song’s meaning is purposeful, Rex finds a way to make the song enjoyable.  

Even though Rex Orange County is underrated, there is a large fanbase that has been supporting Rex throughout his entire career. He has successfully created a style of music that people keep coming back to, and that could be enjoyable to new listeners. He writes meaningful lyrics and expresses them through the sound of music. With his wide range of jazz, alternative, hip-hop, and indie rock, his music can be enjoyed by anyone.