Blue Blue Sky

Blue Blue Sky

Venkat Vellanki

Thought of gifting you the blue sky, 

But was afraid that the clouds would mask you so left that thought.

Thought of gifting the moon, 

But that’s no match for your smile

The way you walk, the earth has grown stars in that path

The breath that you release has given life to the air around

What can I gift to such a great beauty?

You are the color that does not exist in the rainbow, so what color sare can I weave for you.

Your eyes are the lightning of those clouds. Why should I put kohl on those eyes?

To ward away evil eyes, a dot is placed on the cheek, but they need to put these dots all over you for your enduring beautiness.

I have to gift you something and have searched with great devotion.

So that’s why I am going to tie my life as a bond chain to you.

Thought of gifting you the blue sky, 

But the sky is too small before your heart.