“Extraordinary Obstacles and Stain”


Venkat Vellanki

 We’ll flow in the winds, 

We’ll live in the clouds.

This is my rain,

And that is my beloved cloud. 


If they don’t cherish and mingle

It will not belong to anyone else

This is fanatical about me

I am their fanatical


Among thousands, one gets such good luck

Like that of Princess and Princess


This world doesn’t understand, 

I don’t know why they want to remove it,

This nature is not a blemish, but a kohl.

Adoration and Preciousness


It’s an obstacle in the eyes of the world,

But those who know it, they know it’s an asceticism

That which is one-sided may be a delusion of one’s heart,

But if it’s two ways, then it’s a divine connection.


On what a turn or twist has the story of my life brought me, 

I’ve become alien to myself, having fallen in deep fondness


This is mine.

I’m a dark darkness, this is my golden morning.

This is mine.

I’m a wandering traveller, and this is my preservation

This is mine.


This is a shining firefly, 

While I’m a dark forest.

This is mine.

This is dearly mine.

This is mine.