Almost Undefeated Alabama


Leah Osterwald

Undoubtedly, Alabama’s Crimson Tide is one of the most undefeated teams in college football history. The Tide has claimed to have won over 15 national championships since 1925 (not a streak.) Crimson Tide barely loses the dubs, getting other college teams to shake in their boots. They remain in the top rankings as one of the best American state college teams ever. But a team can’t be amazing without it’s players. According to many college football websites, some of Crimson Tide’s best players are Bryce Young (quarterback), John Metchie (wide receiver and my favourite), and Josh Jobe (cornerback.) Now, there are plenty of great players, but personally, those are my top three. Ever since I was a child, the Tide was heavily praised while growing up. President Barack Obama was even given his own jersey and helmet from the coach, Nick Saban, with his name and the number one on the back. Even now, you can find a Tide fan anywhere. Especially ShopRite.