Current Junior Class Fundraisers

Current Junior Class Fundraisers

Christina Dowd

My name is Christina Dowd and I am a Junior Class Officer in the student council at CNHS. For the month of November, we are running two fundraisers that are a great way for us to raise money for class events, such as the famed Junior Prom. Currently, our class account is at a fairly low number, and we are trying to boost our funds. Right now we are running a Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraiser and a dine-to-donate at Jersey Freeze next week. I listed information about each fundraiser below, please consider contributing to the Junior Class!

Little Caesars Pizza Kits (UNTIL 11/26)

Little Caesars Fundraising, a division of Little Caesars, helps raise millions of dollars for schools, sports teams, and nonprofit organizations by providing pizzas and other snacks that can be made at home. By using a seller’s link, buyers can easily access the online catalogue to purchase kits, which will be directly delivered to a given address within seven days. We earn six dollars with every kit purchased, so this is a great opportunity to earn a large profit. There are various types of kits available, including cheese and pepperoni pizza kits, cheese bread kits, breadstick kits, and even cookie dough. Prices range from $18-$21, and each pizza kit makes two pizzas. The fundraiser is currently running, and it ends on November 26th. Please consider making a purchase as this is a great opportunity for our class to earn money for prom! LINK:

Jersey Freeze Fundraiser (THURSDAY, 11/18)

We are also hosting a dine-to-donate fundraiser at Jersey Freeze on Thursday, November 18th. The event will last all day, so make sure to stop by at any point on Thursday. With every purchase, we will earn 20 percent of the total for our class. Jersey Freeze is located at 120 Manalapan Ave, Freehold, NJ. They have amazing ice cream and other desserts available, and an extensive food menu. Grab dinner and a dessert at Jersey Freeze on November 18th to raise money for the Junior Class. When purchasing your meal, please make sure to mention you are there for the fundraiser so we can earn 20 percent of the proceeds. Thank you so much!