10 Reasons to Watch “Criminal Minds”


Ava Johnson

With action-packed, nail-biting episodes and loveable characters that will make you fall in love, Criminal Minds is an amazing show to binge watch in your free time. It was one of the first shows that portrayed psycho-analysis and criminal profiling, which are essential to catching criminals. The show follows a group of profilers that solve cases in every episode. I finished all fifteen seasons in two months because of its magnificent casting and writing. Instead of just being a group of coworkers, the characters of this show make you feel like they’re a family. Here are reasons why you should spend your time delving into the mysterious crime-drama Criminal Minds.

1. Character chemistry. All of the team members share a special bond that will have you thinking awwww with every interaction. The friendships both on and off screen fuel the chemistry of the show. They all have wholesome relationships with each other, especially Agent Derek Morgan and technical analyst Penelope Garcia. Every episode has at least one scene of them sharing a flirty conversation. Although they seem like a married couple, the two are simply best friends. The episode is not complete until Morgan calls Garcia “Babygirl.”


2. Real cases. Many of the episodes are based on real, interesting cases. If you have any interest in crime or serial killers, you should definitely check out this show.


3. The many haircuts of Spencer Reid. Boy genius with an IQ of 187, adorable and awkward Spencer Reid showcases a new haircut every season. Having graduated high school at age 12, he is still figuring out what hairstyle is best for him. 


4. Learning fun facts. No matter the case, you can always count on Reid to provide you with interesting and unwarranted facts. The more you know. 


5. The lives of the characters. Serving as a break from the rather bloody and unfortunate cases the BAU tackles, the show takes time to focus on the lives of the characters. They deal with relationships and personal matters that will make you feel like you can really relate to them.You will learn to love each and every one of the members of the BAU. 


6. Twists and turns. Criminal minds will have you on the edge of your seat as you wonder who would’ve committed such heinous crimes. I can’t even count how many plot twists you’ll watch unfold.


7. Challenge yourself. Along with the profilers, you can become one yourself and try to guess who the “unsub,” or the unidentified subject, is. It’s like a game of Clue but even better and personal. 


8. Once you start, you can’t stop. This show is the most addicting one I’ve ever come across. Even though I already finished it, I am watching it AGAIN. 


9. The cast. You are practically guaranteed to fall in love with the characters AND the actors/actresses that play them. This is one of the most talented and sweetest casts I’ve come across. They have the ability to truly make you believe Aaron Hotchner and the rest of the team are real people. 


10. Life lessons. Each episode has a famous quote read by one of the team members while on their jet after solving a case. These quotes will help you reflect on your life and inspire you in many ways as well as teach you life lessons. It leaves you with something to ponder about at the end of an episode. 


Criminal Minds is 100% a show that will be worth your time. It has been my favorite show ever since I watched it last June. Every show I’ve watched since then hasn’t compared to the chilling plot twists and emotional connections between the trauma-ridden characters. You can start watching the first ten seasons of the show on Netflix! Click play, you won’t regret it!


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