Winter and The Old Farmer’s Almanac


Kate Sandidge

Each year the Old Farmer’s Almanac, established in 1792, releases their predictions for the winter season ahead. This year is no different. The Old Farmer’s Almanac has released their predictions for this year’s winter, and it seemingly won’t come quietly. The Almanac states that this year’s winter will be long and cold, more so than in previous years. New England and the Ohio Valley can expect a fair amount of snow along with some portions of the Deep South. Above average snowfall is also expected in east Montana, West Dakotas, and northeastern Colorado. While the Pacific will stay relatively dry, they can expect the same cold temperatures as the rest of the country.

For specific areas of the country, the Eastern Seaboard can expect a stormy January with lots of rain, hail, and snow. The Midwest and Rockies can also expect their fair share of snow. February is expected to be a bit more mild, but still cold and with its own nor’easter type blizzard near the end. The cold weather is expected to last past the spring equinox on March 20th, and much of the winter can expect flip-flopping temperatures. Overall, the winter is expected to be cold and snowy, much like last year. So get out your jacket and scarves!