Halloween Traditions


Indu Raghavan

Halloween is such a celebrated holiday around the world with a variety of fun traditions and customs.  Although with the pandemic, many have been stuck inside waiting to just experience more joyous moments and make memories with their loved ones! There are plenty of things you can do to get in the Halloween spirit, but if you don’t quite know where to start, here is a list of fun Halloween activities and traditions that have been done over the years that will be sure to create the most haunted memories. 


Boo family and friends: A twist on “Secret Santa”, boo bags have become a sensational tradition for the Halloween season. All you have to do is get a goodie bag and fill it with whatever goods and treats you please, and leave it at the doorstep of a neighbor, friend, or family member!


Going to pumpkin patches: All over the world can you find pumpkin patches or farms with a range of pumpkins, small to large, which you can pick to decorate your home, make homemade food recipes, and more! Not to mention- it makes a great place for Instagram pictures!


Ghost photoshoot: Last year in 2020, dressing up as a ghost and having a photoshoot whether it be on an iPhone or a vintage camera, was the latest craze. It is also extremely price efficient with the only things needed to participate in the trend being a blanket or thin sheet, sunglasses, and some kind of prop! 

Ghost photoshoot!!!!!!!👻 | ralena24 | VSCO

Trick or Treating: Going trick or treating has always been a tradition each year, but there is never an age limit! The fun of trick or treating is what keeps the Halloween spirit alive and… free candy- who can complain?!


Corn Maze: It might be difficult, but with a group of friends or family, you and your loved ones can test your bravery and ability to make it out of the twists and turns of the corn maze! Some even have jumpscares… if you’re up for it!


Halloween Movie Marathon: For my fellow horror/spooky movie enthusiasts, having a Halloween movie binge-a-thon can never go out of style! You can never go wrong with a good snack, a comfy blanket, and a list of Halloween movies. These can range from the Scary movies, Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Addams Family, The Nightmare on Elm Street, The Conjuring, and more!

Haunted Houses: An oldie but a goodie- haunted houses have dated back to the early 1900s. Fun yet scary attractions, if you are looking for a quick fright and scare the haunted houses will be sure to send thrill and excitement your way!

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