Should the United States Impose A No Fly Zone Over Ukraine?


Jason Colon

As the world watches a war unfold, and feel the effects of sanctions everyday, talk about the Russo-Ukraine conflict is here to stay. While I am quite poetic, this is a very serious topic and a very real problem. More recently, talk of a “No-fly zone” over Ukraine has been coming up. On March 15, 2022, Ukrainian President Zilenski called for the United States to impose a no-fly zone. Imposing a no-fly zone would without a doubt start a World War. If the United States were to protect Ukrainian air space, and shoot down any (likely Russian) aircraft who flys in it… global conflicts would be caused. In a poll on March 4, 2022 by Reuters it was revealed that an overwhelming majority of Americans want the US Military to impose a no-fly zone. Before you continue reading, take a wild guess as to what the “overwhelming” number is. 51? 52? 60? 69.9? Try 74%. Seventy Four percent of Americans who took this poll want a no-fly zone enforced by America. America hasn’t agreed that much since the OJ trial. (OJ I know you are reading this. I know you did it.) But seriously, 74%?! Luckily this is an “old news” poll. What do I mean by “old news”? Well, it’s news that has become less important because of more important stuff. In a more recent poll by YouGovAmerica only 40% of Americans want to impose a no-fly zone. That is a less frightening number. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we should leave Ukraine high and dry. But, personally, I don’t think we shouldn’t jeopardize our safety more than it is already to fight their battle. If possible, we should help Ukraine peachfully. We should stay fruitful about the situation, and help them non-violently. As our fellow Americans continue to change their minds, if yours and my duty to continue stay on top of this situation. As you go about your day, think about this… is it America’s responsibility to help other countries besides our own, that we are not allied with?

It’s important to think about these things and ask yourself the tough questions.