Everything You Need to Know About the FRHSD College Fair!

Everything You Need to Know About the FRHSD College Fair!

Alexandra Risi

A few weeks ago, Colts Neck High School held the FRHSD College Fair, in an attempt to help steer students towards a promising future. The school welcomed over 100 colleges, each one displaying informational pamphlets and experts willing to answer any questions students may have about their school. The booths were set up all throughout the cafeteria, main gym, and auxiliary gym, and students were free to roam the school and choose which booths they wanted to visit. 

From what I witnessed at the event, the most popular colleges to visit included Bucknell, Penn State University, University of Alabama, University of Maryland and University of Delaware. All these schools provide a wide range of majors, as well as great student life and a multitude of extracurricular activities for students to indulge in! Based on the copious amounts of students anxiously waiting at the booths with their parents, it’s evident that these schools will have some tough competition in the next few years!

As for arriving at the school, students could choose from a multitude of locations to drive to. From there they would be bused to Colts Neck High School. The buses picked up families in a continuous cycle, and then continued to take people back to their chosen destinations until about 8:30. While students explored the school, each college had a number, and students were given a list at the beginning of the night coordinating the college to its booth number, making it easy to navigate the area. Most of the colleges appeared to be random in order, but all of the New Jersey schools were kept in the cafeteria. This made it easier for students who have a set location in mind for college to choose which room to spend their time in. 

By providing such an abundance of schools at this fair with a wide variety of locations and specialties, Colts Neck High School was able to give their students an opportunity to begin their college journey, and therefore plan their future. Students considered what they are looking for in their future education, and were given a variety of options to help suit their needs. Additionally, college advisors often asked students what they were planning to major in, so students were faced with an important decision to make for their future. If you’re experiencing trouble with deciding what you want to major in, many websites, such as SCOIR, provide free aptitude tests to help you better understand your interests and skills! Also, if you missed this college fair, this event is luckily an annual one, or you can visit college websites or even purchase college guidebooks to assist you. In consistently working with students to map out their future, the Freehold Regional High School District is ensuring bright futures and opportunities for each and every pupil!