Studying for the AP Test: A guide

Studying for the AP Test: A guide

The AP exams are fast approaching, and to many, it feels like that have come out of nowhere. With just about two weeks to go until the first exam gets taken, it feels like reviewing a whole year’s worth of content can be a daunting task. So let’s break down how to review for these things. 


Create a Reliable Study Group

Two minds are better than one, they always say. In this instance, you don’t just want two minds, you want something like 3 or 4. Split up the year’s worth of content between those three other people. Each one will become an expert in their section and their notes will combine with yours to create a comprehensive list of notes for the whole year’s worth of conent. Make sure that these are people who you can trust. Perhaps your friends are not the best people to do this with, you want an All-star team.


Use any and all resources your teacher gives you

These people are the ones teaching the course. They know what’s gonna show up on the test more often than not, and if they recommend material to look at, you better believe that that is going to work wonders in helping you review. They’re usually posted in the google classroom for that particular class, and they’ll be far and away the most impactful outside source for you to use.


Use the Internet to Your Advantage

The internet will be your friend, always. Tons of teachers of all different subjects across the country have made review videos for the AP test. Whether it be a lesson, chapter, or unit, they have you covered. These help you help make those sophisticated connections that will give you extra points in subjects like APUSH and any AP English course. 



The hardest part about reviewing for the APs is committing yourself to the task. It’s a lot of content to sift through, and getting started and forcing yourself to sit through all of it can be a big commitment to make. However, the longer you put it off, the less time you’ll have to do it. So do yourself a favor and get started. 


That’s about all that I can tell you. I know that the list is short, but reviewing for the AP tests is easier said than done. I, in fact, have been putting off reviewing for one of my APs by writing this, breaking my own rules. So yes, it’s hard, but getting that 5 to submit to colleges is both a money and life saver. So next time you sit down to review for one of your classes, whether it be with a group or by yourself, take these suggestions to heart.