Battle of the Classes


Kylie Richardson

Calling all Colts Neck Cougars! Are you looking forward to showing off your school spirit while backing your grade? Whether it be the Freshmen, the Sophomores, the Juniors, or the Seniors, YOU have the opportunity to let your Cougar pride ride! Well, now you can. Unfortunately, our BOTC was cut last year due to the exponential growth in Coronavirus rates. But, now, we are formally welcoming back the renowned BOTC, or Battle of the Classes! What is BOTC you may ask? Well, BOTC is an ongoing tradition where classes/grades compete against each other in several different competitive events, activities, and competitions. 

At Colts Neck High School, our BOTC will be held on May 4th from 6:30-8:30 PM. Each class has 14 representatives, 7 boys, and 7 girls, that were formally elected. Representing the freshmen class we have Justin Appel, Jack Cilea, Sebastian Faiella, Tim Foley, Nick Hayden, Daniel Ravelo, Zander Rosario, Olivia Barwicki, Katie Dichter, Sydney Gilder, Leila Larue, Brynn Mahoney, Juju Pabon, and Gabby Saada. As for the sophomores, Dominick Beninato, Tesio Carabello, John Cifelli, Chris Dalby, David Fichtenbaum, Ethan Sloane, Sam Surdez, Morgan Buckwald, Gianna Favilla, Katelyn Glick, Toni Guadagnino, Sydney Hill, Ava Krongold, and Ashley Mintz. Onto the juniors there is, Joe Bartolomeo, Nikko Capellini, Henry Cholick, Ryan Gershon, Jared Krisman, Eric Lavin, Ben Rosen, Juli Coniglio, Katie Finnegan, Kylie Jacoutot, Bella Pietrofesa, Cassidy Relay, Abigail Sessa, and Alexa Spinelli. Finally, the top dog seniors we have, are Mario Boscaino, Nick Carell, Cade Chrebet, DJ Clements, Jack Greenberg, Aidan Mager, Ronak Sandeep, Ella Comi, Alexa Grama, Ava Gregorio, Nicole Gregorio, Rachel Howard, Gabby Pearlman, and Madeline Talento.

Want to earn some more points for your class to get the W? Participate in the penny race! Class jars will be located in the cafeteria to place pennies into. More pennies = more points. You can also participate in the Monmouth County Food Bank drive. Drop off canned items to designated classrooms! Freshman: A135. Sophomores: A128. Juniors: A126. Seniors: A130. To support your class with spirit, here are the class colors and decades! Freshmen will be wearing yellow and are designated to the 1970s time period. The sophomores will be wearing red and are designated to the 1980s time period. The juniors will be wearing blue and are designated to the 1990s time period. And, finally, the seniors will be wearing green and are designated to the 2000s time period. Don’t forget to dress up! Be there!